The ABCs of Consulting

An inside look at consulting. For kids.

Get started early

Its never too early to start prepping for your first steering committee meeting! Make sure your child is ready with the proper carry-on luggage, fully-vetted footnotes, and a killer elevator pitch

For Babies and Parents

Children and parents alike will love following Consultant Cat as he navigates the world of consulting. The colorful illustrations, playful tone, and hilarious cast of characters will keep the whole family engaged from start to finish!

Meet your Case Team

Follow along as Partner Panda, Consultant Cat, and Analyst Armadillo interact with Client Crocodile, IT Iguana, and many more!

Whats inside

A hilarious look at the world of management consulting through the eyes of a child,… by current consultants

27 full color pages of illustrations featuring the full case team – Partner Panda, Consultant Cat, and Analyst Armadillo above.
Walk the life of a consultant, from getting an MBA to becoming a Partner.
Inside jokes and references for parents. Cute and funny animals for kids and babies.
Give the gift of work-life balance to your team.

What people are saying

One kid is clearly ready for the consulting world, the other one… not so much.

I can finally explain to my daughter how I add value, kind of.

I clearly enjoy this book more than my daughter.

My daughter is a self-starter. Recruiting season is around the corner!

Start Preparing Now


Is this an actual book?

Yes. Check it out on Amazon!

Will my baby enjoy this book?
Yes! Kids and parents alike love this book – its a great introduction to business for babies and a great gift for adults.
Is this content kid-safe?
Of course! Were parents as well. We focus on creating funny and educational content for parents and kids.
Will my baby become a successful consultant as a result of this book?
Yes. Of course! Starting early is the key. She/he will learn about important concepts such as networking that will get them ahead.
Will you guarantee my child a job in consulting?
Yes. Sure. Why not. If consulting is still a career path in 2045, we will get them a job. But not sooner.

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About Us

We think kids should learn to be professionals early, and parents should laugh at themselves.

Raamin Mostaghimi

is a management consultant, lover of dad jokes, and new father. He has an MBA from Harvard and Bachelors from Johns Hopkins. Hes been having some trouble explaining his job to his newborn daughter in terms she understands, and is really hoping this helps get the message across!

Varun Bhartia

is definitely not a management consultant. Varun is the founder of a technology start up, Hack Hive. He enjoys making terrible jokes and creating websites, like this one ;). He completed his MBA at Harvard, Bachelors of Engineering from Arizona, but learned the most by building products used by millions of people.

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